Budget presented by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman aims to significantly increase employment in public sector, government employment does not figure out prominently yet for mango people. As the Finance Minister Budget document 2019 shows that union government expects to raise public sector employment prominently over the course of the fiscal year.

Actually employment consistently fallen down from past years, shows the revised estimate for fiscal 2019, that suggest  employment growth in central government may have hit a record high  as compared to the last fiscal after hitting a six years law in 2018 fiscal.

 Revenue resource budget!

  • Sitaraman kept total untouched the borrowing plan of 7.1 trillion rupees and the budget she presented on this Friday.
  • The budget does not contain any important proposal to boost total spending.
  • The corporate tax revenue of India will likely overtake collections from the Levi conception and the current financial year to become the most prominent contributor of the nation coffers.
  • The revenue resource deploy every rupee, it earns in the year ended March 31
  • There are higher taxes, but low returns as per the increased surcharges on individual by Finance Minister.


Electric vehicles curb!

Now India need to lead the electric vehicles race as per the Finance Minister tax rebate up to 1.5 Lakh rupees on interest; that has to be paid all loans to buy electric vehicles.  Because targets are still not set for automakers to convert a particular part of the total vehicle production to electric.

  • In her Maiden budget the income tax rebates of up to 1.5 lakh rupees to customers on interest paid
  • The second phase of the manufacturing and faster adore electric, within outlay of 10,000 crore rupees.
  • Now the main cause of such components as solar electric charging infrastructure and Lithium storage batteries will of a linked investment of income tax exemptions under section of the Income Tax Act.
  • As per the new proposed budget major incentives for manufacturing and lithium ion batteries also be raising to about 12% by 2020.


Scenario for investors!

  • The delivered budget by India’s women finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman promised to focus on rural and urban areas of India by its budget.
  • The budget at economic growth as well as focused on modernizing the country, To create more conductive environment for foreign players who are looking for investment in India.

 Scenario for students as per the budget 2019!

  • Government planed the budget to focus educational policy as well as to transform India’s higher education system to the best education system in the world.
  • The youth of the country require appropriate guidance and suitable platform that can be explode unconventionally and provide suitable career opportunities as per their education in the country itself.
  • Government look beyond the traditional employment system and enormously supported the government employment in country as per the new budget 2019.