“Cut money” is the illegal commission party workers were charging from people from government schemes. 

Mamta Banerjee the Chief Minister of West Bengal ordered party leaders to return the “Cut Money” they had taken from the people. Since the CM announced TMC leaders to refund the cut money TMC leaders are in soup.

As per the housing scheme, government helped people opening their bank accounts. Once those accounts were functional, they are taken for cheques with no amount mentioned from each beneficiary. When beneficiaries received the instalments, they deposited amount between 10,000 rupees to 25,000 rupees that was taken from each beneficiary. It became a despair among the residents over the system have been rising lately.  That is why Mamta Banerjee announced on cut money refunds took well this angle had of the Civic polls in 2020.

  • TMC as well as the BJP leaders started battling about this state decision. 
  • Chattarjee said not to demand “cut money”, or any legal commission, the money.
  • Chatterjee spotted Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on June 18 appealing about cut money two party leaders.

Even Mamta Banerjee as a section of ruling TMC leaders and workers who took cut money from welfare scheme beneficiary.  Now the debate is still on to return whatever the TMC had taken from beneficiaries.  Mamta Banerjee’s message became a political weapon for her rivals.  TMC clarified later that 9% of their leaders and workers honest.

 Bhartiya Janta Party State president Dilip Ghosh announced that ruling party believed in the culture of corruption.  During the election railing for the Lok Sabha elections and Bengal,  prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, Home Minister,  spoke about the corruption in the ruling party and the cut money issue and West Bengal in pariliament.

TMC leaders demanded about 8,000 rupees for releasing rupees 1.2 lakh of beneficiaries.  And after bargaining decided for rupees 4,000 to release the amount of toilet.  Officially after  the TMS order the money went into to about 400 accounts and the highest payment done was rupees 8000 to rupees 10000.  Many account holder said that they got up to rupees 1,000 each and remaining went to Panchayat leaders. 

 Workers never show their job cards and many give access to their local bank account to TMC leaders to withdraw money, so the conclusion is Mamta Banerjee is in Soup about the cut money issue in West Bengal.