The most dangerous weapons on this earth are nuclear weapons. They are additionally referred to as atom bombs, nuclear bomb, nuke, etc. They explode and cause high amount of destruction forsaking its after-effects. A smaller nuclear device can destroy an entire city killing thousands to millions of people with its radiation, fire, and explosion. Nuclear weapons were used by the United States against the Japanese cities – Hiroshima and Nagasaki city in 1945 at the end of World War II. The global organization has struggled to rid of the employment of such weapons.

Bombs were the first nuclear weapons which were delivered by aircrafts. Then came nuclear warheads which became more prominent as nuclear weapons. Several smaller nuclear weapons were also developed later for land mines, submarines etc. Tactical nuclear weapons are used in small wars on the field of honor and for fewer strikes. They are not as powerful as strategic nuclear weapons.

Nuclear fission reactions are accountable for nuclear weapons explosive energy. Nuclear fission takes place when the uranium and plutonium isotopes break into atoms of smaller and lighter elements due to the bombarding of neutrons. When a nucleus is parted or when two nuclei are combined a lot of energy is released. This energy is used as an explosion by nuclear weapons. The explosion is caused when fission takes place by compression of explosives. A lot of energy is released due to fission that creates high temperatures to ignite fusion. Nuclear weapons nowadays use fission and fusion to generate and release energy that would be equal to all the weapons used in World War II. They can release large quantities of energy. Fission, fusion or both are responsible for the nuclear weapons explosion. Atomic bombs are fission weapons while thermonuclear bombs are fusion weapons. Thus the energy in atomic bombs is produced by fission reaction while in hydrogen or H-bombs the energy produced is through nuclear fusion reaction. Hydrogen bombs are more powerful than atom bombs due to the fusion reaction.

A lot of energy is released I,e in 1945 when it was dropped on Japan it contained only 64 kg i.e. 140 pounds of uranium to cause such huge destruction. This has resulted into lot of heat and radiation whose effects were suffered by the crowd for quite a very long time. The convection currents had created mushroom cloud in the sky and the radioactive trash was blown by the wind high into the earth’s atmosphere which later settled as radioactive fallout. Deaths, health issues, injuries were enormous in Hiroshima and Nagasaki which cannot be compared to any destructive weapon. The government has to negotiate arms control agreements to solve the effects of such weapons.

A nuclear weapons effect lasts from seconds to years; they even damage eardrums with their large noise and shock, the huge structures collapses within a second. Warheads are additionally damaging as they explode releasing toxic material in it. Rockets, missiles, torpedo are sources of warhead droppings. As per sources there are 27000 nuclear weapons in the whole world deployed at all important modes – air, sea and water.