Saaho’ is a Tamil movie which is well awaited by the people of the country. This movie is starring Prabhas, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Shraddha Kapoor all top-ranked stars. The movie is directed by Sujeeth and produced by Bhushan Kumar, V. Vamshi Krishna Reddy, Pramod Uppalapati. It is a Multi-Lingual Indian Movie which will be released in two different languages. the tentative date of release is 30th August 2019 and people are eagerly waiting to watch this movie. The movie has been released online and it is already trending on social media platforms and is winning hearts all over the country.

The star cast of the movie is first time pared together with Prabhas one of the prolific stars of the south to act with the very well know actors Neil Nitin Mukesh and Shraddha Kapoor. this Telugu action movie with Prabhas in the lead role, in the movie Prabhas, will be seen playing the role of a cop, who is lovingly called Saaho (Sahukar). His father is a scientist who invented a jet pack and how Saaho used this technology to beat the drug mafia forms the rest of the story. it is all in all a perfect action movie.

The Story is basically about a power conflict which is taking place in the higher echelons of power independent and disconnected episodes occurring in various parts of the globe, it is a blend of the prophecy of mind games. The story proceeds with showing the audience into the game of a brilliant mastermind to exhibit the true nature of all that is involved. It disputes the thoughts of who the hunter is and who is the hunted. It thereafter blends in a magnificent story with commercial elements of storytelling to produce a high-quality action artist appealing to all segments of the audience that is our well known actor Prabhas. The budget of this upcoming action movie is about 3 billion INR. It will be launched in three languages that is tamil, telgu and hindi.

This movie is already devising a lot of buzz for its crazy action strings, which are well expected by its audience. It won’t be something mainstream shown in Bollywood this time, starting from it’s swinging through downtown or chasing on bikes or crazy car explosions it will be all worth seeing. A lot of hard work is done behind these action scenes. They are keeping it all real in the movie business usually fires a deep hole in producers’ pocket. The director has shot an eight-minute action sequence in Saaho, starring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor, which cost the makers a huge sum of Rs 70 crore. Now from that, you can very well imagine why the budget is going up. But we are sure Prabhas and other stars would do justice to such huge numbers spent on the movie and it would surely be a big hit of the box office this year. It will surely outnumber other action movies that are already released or will be releasing this year.