For 2019, Samsung has launched three diverse notes for three categories of customer segment. The regular note 10 will suit your purpose if you want the note experience in a more compact package. However, if u value things like a microSD card and a bigger battery, the note 10+ will be the way to go. Most people can probably skip the Note 10+ 5G, but if u live in a 5G market, it might be worth a look.
The regular note 10 is the most economical among them and is better than others. Ever since the note line was introduced back in 2011, Samsung’s used it to showcase the very best that it has to offer in a smart phone. That leads you to believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the best Samsung phone you can buy in 2019.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is an excellent piece of tech, but compared to the more impressive Note 10+, it lacks a few features. Most probably, the Galaxy Note 10 does not have a micro SD card slot. This has been a staple of the Note series since its inception, but it’s something you won’t find on the regular Note 10.
Note 10 does benefits from having an incredible form factor. While the 6.3-inch display is plenty large, the ridiculously slim bezels surrounding it allow the phone to have a wonderful feel in the hand. It’s the first note in a while that doesn’t feel overly huge, and for some potential buyers, that might be reason enough to stick with the base version.
The regular Note 10 might also be appealing to those looking to buy a new Note while spending as little as possible. The phone is still expensive with the starting price of $950, but among the trio, it is the least costly. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mobile has a 6.3” (16cm) display with a wonderful screen resolution of 1080* 2280 pixels. It was launched in India on August 7, 2019.RAM is 6 GB, Camera is 16MP+12MP, Storage is 128 GB Unfortunately, the Note does come with some drawbacks to achieve its ‘low’ price. Its display is only 2280*1080 Full HD+ there isn’t support for expandable storage, and the battery capacity isn’t the largest at just 3500 mAh.
If you want this year’s best Note, you’ll want to get the Note 10+. It has the largest display with the higher Quad HD + resolution, a bigger battery, an additional time-of-flight rear camera, and supports micro SD card for extra storage space. Lastly, customers have various options in the market…with different choices and needs, customers can select their own phones according to their pockets. Note devices are always chock-full with the latest specs, that’s no different with the Note and Note10+. The power backup of this handset is backed up by are Qualcomm’s blazing-fast Snapdragon 855 processor, you can get up to 12 GB of RAM, THE Displays support HDR10+, and Samsung’s finally boosted it’s wired charging speeds (up to 45w).