Search Engine Optimisation is a technique to generate traffic  and ranking of your website on search engines like Google,  Yahoo,  Bing. As you has two techniques to increase website positions that is called on page SEO and off page SEO

 On page SEO 

All the task you perform within your website such as headings,  title,  contact,  display,  internal linking,  keyword stuffing,  etc, overall is the on-page SEO techniques means building or structuring your website outlet to be search engine friendly.

Off page SEO

Now it is the LimeLight of the article,  as off page SEO is a real king who help your website get popular on the internet,  so you can get more visibility across the world.

There are various off page SEO techniques, read on to discover!

 Blogs or article!

Amazing blog or content about your product or services can enhance your visibility in search engines. So prefer creating shareable and amazing content with the help of smart content writer to generate natural back-links for your blog or website.

 Influencer outreach 

Reach influencers in your industry if you have created eye catchy and share worthy content.  You can ask them to provide you backlinks from their blog.

 Guest posting

There are immense amount of good and quality blogs for guest posting from various authors.  So write an amazing researched piece of content to reach your targeted consumers.  It is suggested not to focus on  quantity of back-links instead of that focus only on quality back-links.

 Social Media Engagement

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus Instagram are usually used for social media engagement to make your blog or business website popular on social media platforms you can follow as SME techniques.

 Directory submission

There are many websites across internet who provide free  directory submission facilities, where one can submit their  websites on those platforms to the relevant categories to get quality back-links

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are one of the best platform for your website promotion to get high traffic to your blog or website.

Forum submission

Engage yourself in such forums which are related to your website niche and try to make connection and community.  Reply to threads,  or give suggestions and advise to make do follow links.

Video submission

If you want your YouTube videos to be popular,  head to popular video submission websites.  Give a proper thumbnail,  tags,   title description and reference link to get referred.  It is the most popular quality back-link generating way as all video submission websites have high PR.

Image submission

Like article and directory submission there are image submission websites where you can share your photos with URL and title tags.

Infographic submission

Making creative infographics is the most popular menthod of off page SEO nowadays on the internet,  you can submit infographics on many websites to get popular.

So guys, hope this information will be useful for you; keep earning, keep learning but don’t forget to enjoy your work!