TikTok is the new age trending application which has become a top favorite of the young generation, this is an application that Features Very Short Videos & Allows Users to Easily Upload & Edit Short Videos themselves to Share with their friends.TikTok is the current name for the extended version of the Musical.ly application, which also was about the same thing which empowered users to upload, watch and produce short videos of between three and 60 seconds. Just like Musical.ly application, tik tok is also used by millions of people to show themselves through singing, dancing, and comedy. It is a skill-enhancing and building application which makes users understand their talent. Both the applications collaborated on 2 August 2018. Both these applications have made ‘bigger and better short-video community’. Constantly this application is the most downloaded application for many years.
So the users on TikTok can create their own short videos on the mobile app, with the music on the background of their videos. Also, they can use creative themes over the videos, according to their skills to make it more interesting.And their followers who also can view their videos, the Other TikTok users can ‘react’ to videos they see by filming their responses alongside the original video; or ‘duet’ by making a video beside another video. The People over the age group of 13 and over can download the app which has a 12+ rating in app stores, there is parental control parents can be sure about the fact that this is an age-restricted platform, but parents need to ensure their children are the appropriate age to use TikTok. After you download the TikTok app, users can start producing their own videos or watch content produced by other users. The content can be accessed across all kinds of subject matter – pets, arts, comedy, sports, food, travel, music, and games. Users can heart the content they appreciate seeing related videos and enjoy. There are these hashtag challenges going on the app in which by clicking the ‘Discover’ button you can enter the challenge, there are many with new challenges added every week.
Creating and editing videos is simple, with many effects, filters, and stickers to choose from. Also, the users of the application can effortlessly share videos on other social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook.

Also when the application was launched in its initial years it got criticism regarding the excessive usage of the application by young children but now the modifications have been made Parents can assist children to control their screen time by selecting how much time they would like their child spend on TikTok (40, 60, 90, 120 minutes per day). This feature is password-protected when users enter their limit they have to insert a password to proceed. Parents can set the password to be in total control of screentime.
 Another feature for control is by going to account setting, where you can activate the ‘restricted viewing mode’, which can be applied as parental control. Once allowed, this setting will limit the display of content that might not be suitable for all audiences