As per Indians NaMo is the best thing that has ever happened to India. Narendra bhai Modi the 14th Prime Minister of India beated Vajpayee, Nehru and Indira Gandhi to emerge best ever Prime Minister as per the survey of India today. It reflects the sentiments of people towards Modi and his popularity as the Prime Minister.  He is one of the most popular Prime Minister India ever had, what do you think what made him different from other 13 Prime Ministers of India?

As per the survey Narendra bhai Modi is a great speaker, who gradually conveyance people for the things he is about to do or even not by using the game of words. I m not denying that he haven’t done anything yet, but you must agree that his leadership and speaking boldly without a note made his dream came true.  You have never heard any Prime Minister if you scroll the history who you could speak like Narendra bhai Modi. So here the conclusion is whatever you speak  out confidentalyis directly proportional to your success.

You must be agreed that after having  Narendra bhai Modi as prime minister of India our country became more demanding across the world.  In addition, India is no more back foot to isolate the neighbour terrorism using effective diplomatic surgical strikes across to combat terrorist outfits. Government of India now focus on the economic development of the country. The focused approach of government is to uplift the ailing economy and to expand the opportunities as well.

Make In India Agenda!

Women empowerment and make in India ramparts of the walk the nation up to its potential. From several decades, India were facing grappling of unemployment, but the vision of our PM is to transform India into the manufacturing hub of the world and for this he is providing investment to do start-ups and different 25 sectors.

Back to basics!

Where other Prime Ministers work formulating outdated programs to combat issues,  Narendra Modi has kindled the spark in the younger lot creating designing and awareness to improve the domestic conditions which is undeniable. Even the oppositions agreed that Modi managed efficiently cleaning cities and healthy people agenda nationwide wisely.

  • He connected rural people with banking services,
  • More focused on Indians skill development.
  • Believes in promoting manufacturing sector in the country,
  • Inspiring India to be a clean country,
  • Developing villages including social development cultures.
  • Dedicatedly planning for labour development and making goal socially and financially self reliance through education.

Not only these, he is running many schemes to establish Idol India, what our freedom fighters were thought of to be!